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Proverbs shown near the top of the homepage
If you are reading this page you have already noticed the Czech and Slovak proverbs on our homepage.  These proverbs have been added to our website as a celebration of the Czech and Slovak cultures and spirit.   They are shown in the native languages, however when either one is touched by the mouse cursor it switches to the English translation.  Clicking the mouse at that time brings the user to this page.

Just above the "About our Club" section of our homepage  is the Czech proverb "Co je České, to je hezké."  This means, "What is Czech, that is beautiful."  This proverb was discovered in Přísloví, a booklet of Czech proverbs published by the Czech Heritage Foundation of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Just below the close of the "About our Club" section is the Slovak proverb "Kde je Slovák, tam je pieseň," which translates to, "Where there is a Slovak, there is a song."  This proverb was suggested by Helene Cincebeaux.   Helene is an authority on the Czech and Slovak cultures and has, twice, visited our club with her exhibition of Czech and Slovak folk art. She is a good friend.

These proverbs are also shown, in Czech and Slovak, on the front page of our club newsletter.

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