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2001 Year in Review


Robert Petrik
North Miami, Florida
December 2001

The American Czech-Slovak Cultural Club had another very successful year full of fascinating events, personalities, and entertainers. A brief summary follows.

In January, the vivacious singer Sisa Sklovska, displayed her marvelous talent, charm, and her ability to thoroughly captivate an audience. Coming from Prague, our club was the first stop on an American tour of several states.

Professor Barbara Weitz of Florida International University, lectured on Bohemian Crystal Through the Ages. She exhibited some exquisite pieces from her personal collection.

During the year a number of Czech and Slovak films were shown at the club. They included the following: The Good Soldier Švejk, its sequel Sir, Beg to Report; My Sweet Little Village, The Shop on Main Street, Kolya, Firemen’s Ball, Loves of a Blond, and Afrodita.

In February, Helene Bain Cincebeaux from Rochester, New York, lectured on A Year in the Life of Our Czech and Slovak Ancestors. In addition, she exhibited part of her extensive collection of folk dress and folk art.

In March, Bryce Belcher, an American who lives in Ceský Krumlov, spoke on Ceský Krumlov: A Town Reborn. He described the transformation of the old buildings into the beautiful town that now welcomes thousands of tourists each year.

A highly successful Veprove Hody (pork feast) attracted a large crowd of hungry eaters.

In April, Dan Baldwin, President and CEO of the National Czech & Slovak Museum and Library in Cedar Rapids, Iowa spoke about NCSML, A Growing National Resource.

The members of the South Florida Button Box Club entertained members on their button box accordions playing some lively Slovenian polkas and waltzes.

In June, Sisa Sklovska returned once again to wow an appreciative crowd of members and guests. Some fans came from as far away as the Orlando area of Florida.

The first annual Dožinky (A Czechoslovakian Harvest Festival) was held in October. This was an outstanding success with plenty of good Czechoslovak food and beer, dancing to live music, a raffle, face painting and a piñata for children, and a bake sale.

In December, the Slovak film director, Lubo Kocka, spoke about his award-winning film “Afrodita” which was shown and enthusiastically received by the audience.