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2000 Year in Review


Robert Petrik
North Miami, Florida
September 2000

The American Czech-Slovak Cultural Club in North Miami has witnessed an unprecedented number of entertainers and notable personalities during the year 2000.

In February, Waldemar Matuška and his wife Olga performed to an avid sellout crowd. The legendary Czech singer sang all of the many long-time Matuška favorites and then some. He truly brought down the house.

During the same weekend that Matuška performed, Dr. Ivan Dubovický, Cultural Counselor for the Embassy of the Czech Republic was in attendance. In fact, he introduced this living legend. The next day Dubovický presented an excellent lecture on the Emigration of Czech and Slovaks to the United States.

In April, Martin Bútora, Slovak Ambassador to the United States, along with his wife Zora Bútorová, attended a dinner-dance held to celebrate the inclusion of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

In addition to Czechs and Slovaks, members of the local Hungarian and Polish communities attended the gala event.

In May, Colonel Ivan Bella, the first Slovak to have been in space, spoke about his experiences aboard the Russian MIR Space Station, his training program near Moscow and the mission itself. A few days prior to his presentation, Club President Bob Petrík and Secretary Amelia Canali accompanied Bella on a VIP tour of the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral.

In June, the Slovak singing and recording star, Marcela Molnárová, sang as part of a disco evening. She performed songs from popular American musicals in addition to selections from the latest of her four CDs entitled Láska

Later in June, Milan Markovic, the famous actor, comedian and TV personality from Bratislava tickled everyone’s funny bone. Called the Jay Leno of Slovakia, his sharp satirical wit was in top form for the evening.

In July, the Club was treated to a hilarious performance by the Czech comedian and actor, Miroslav Donutil. Donutil is the most popular comedian performing in the Czech Republic today and has quite a large following as evidenced by the many people who waited their turn to have their photograph taken with him and/or to obtain his autograph.

In August, Sisa Sklovská, star of the operatic, musical comedy, and concert stages in the Czech and Slovak Republics, sang a wide range of music from musicals to opera, pop and even gospel. The audience was dazzled by the great sound of her voice as well as her showmanship, beautiful costumes and her wonderful personality.

In November, Dr. Jan Cimický, the noted Czech psychiatrist and author provided an entertaining evening.

Also in November, Czech Ambassador Alexandr Vondra was a featured after-dinner speaker.

Again in November, Donald S. Martin, President of the Albin Polasek Foundation, spoke on the Life and Works of Albin Polasek.

In December, Professor Barbara Weitz of Florida International University lectured on Prague Café Society.

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